Indonesia Covid-19 Community Fundraising

In spite of the necessity to self-isolate during the Covid-19 crisis, millions of Indonesians can’t afford to stay at home given their jobs and financial obligations. Our front-line medical personnel are under-equipped, while millions of low-income families and other financially vulnerable groups of people must bear the consequences of having their livelihood cut off.

Let's show our solidarity by helping our brothers and sisters during this great crisis. Through Permai BC and our charity partners, your donation will be used to purchase medical equipment and other essential products for our brave medical personnel, volunteers and other at-risk individuals who are affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

No matter where we are, we all can make a difference.

Permai BC & Local Indonesian Communities in Canada

Permai BC are partnering with local Indonesian communities not just in British Columbia but the other provinces in Canada to collaborate as one community for this initiative.

A global threat such as Covid-19 requires a global community collaboration.

We understand and respect that each and every one of us has our own personal preference in making donations and selecting charities. That is why we have selected a few options for you to pick from and hopefully we can all contribute to this campaign and help Indonesia fight the spread of COVID-19.

For “Kami di Kanada Dukung Lawan Covid-19” fundraising campaign, we are working with:

Pengajian BC (Indonesian Muslim Community in British Columbia)
UKIBC (Indonesian Catholic Community in British Columbia)
GPdI / LCIFC Vancouver
BIC (Bethany Indonesian Church)
GII Vancouver (Gereja Injili Indonesia)
PERMIKA Vancouver (Indonesian Students Association)
PERMIKA Edmonton (Indonesian Students Association)
(Indonesian Students Association)
SFUIA (Simon Fraser University Indonesian Students Association)
GISAU (UBC Indonesian Students Association)
CALINDO (Canada Alumni in Indonesia)
Bonapasogit (Batak Community Group in Vancouver and Kelowna))
EICA (Edmonton Indonesian Community Association)
AKASIA (Indonesian Community Association in Thompson-Okanagan)
ICVI (Indonesian Community Vancouver Island)
Indonesian Community in Fort McMurray
Srikandi Indonesia Dancers (Indonesian Traditional Dance Crew in Vancouver)
Padusi Bagak (Minang Traditional Dance Group in Vancouver))
Budaya Nusantara (Indonesian Dance Community in Calgary)

As well as the support of the KJRI Vancouver (Consulate General Office of Republic of Indonesia in Vancouver) to raise funds for Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), PMI Indonesia (Indonesian Red Cross), KitaBisa, and Calindo: Wisma Atlit Jakarta.

Our non-profit partners are working courageously in the front-line during the crisis and the money raised from our fundraising will ensure that they will have what they need. We will ensure transparency throughout this initiative by updating our progression every week and clear accountabilities amongst all of the coordinators.


Total Amount Raised

As of June 30, 2020

We make weekly updates

Donate to Kitabisa through PERMAI BC Association is an online crowdfunding platform for social and personal medical causes. Since 2013, Kitabisa facilitates over $40 million donations from millions of donors across Indonesia. For more information, visit

Who are the beneficiaries:
KitaBisa will be receiving the funds and use it to help as many victims of Covid-19 in Indonesia. Donations will be channelled to support programs to prevent the spread and protect communities from COVID-19; Donations will be distributed through: Cengkareng Hospital, Persahabatan Hospital, Fatmawati Hospital, Pasar Minggu Hospital, Sulianti Saroso Hospital, Sanglah Bali Hospital, Tarakan Hospital, Kanujoso Djatiwibowo Hospital, Balikpapan Hospital, Kariadi Hospital, Wahidin Sudirohusodo Makassar and other crucial points in Indonesia.

How will the fund be used to help in fighting Covid-19:
The donations will be used to support front-line health care workers and those who are in dire needs of protection equipment such as masks. Donations will also be used for: food packages, essential resources packages, disinfectants and hand-washing stations at religious buildings.


Donate to Kami di Kanada Dukung Lawan Covid-19 (Kitabisa) GoFundme

wisma atlet corona

Donate to Wisma Atlet Jakarta (Calindo) through PERMAI BC Association


Calindo is your Canadian Social Hub. Calindo focused on strengthening the social and economic bonds between the two great countries of Indonesia and Canada.

Donation process:
Calindo receives donation, which will then be used to purchase the items. All proceeds will be reported transparently.

Who are the beneficiaries:
Doctor, nurses, and medical staff (Hospitals, around Jakarta area)

How will the fund be used to help in fighting Covid-19:
We will use the fund to buy Mineral water, Vitamins, Hazmat Clothes, Face Shield, and others Covid-19 personal protective equipment.


For any questions and inquiries regarding your donation to CALINDO, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Tyas:


Calindo Receipt April 27, 2020


Donate to Kami di Kanada Dukung Lawan Covid-19 (Calindo) GoFundme

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