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Effie Gomulia, M.Sc., M.B.A., MFA-P™I am a Canadian tax specialist and a money coach. I have been helping individuals file their tax returns for more than 10 tax seasons. Tax courses I have taken from H&R Block cover topics such as:- business income (sole proprietorship), - GST filing, - rental income, - employment expenses, - disability tax credit, - investment income, - newcomers, and - others.

I offer full tax preparation service, review of tax returns you have prepared, and tax tutoring if you want to learn how to do your own taxes. Various software that I have knowledge of includes TaxCycle, DT Max, TurboTax, FutureTax, Wealthsimple Tax (formerly SimpleTax) among others.

Aside from filing tax returns during tax season, I also work as an Estate Advisor for a non-profit organization. Often, I am able to incorporate my knowledge from estate advising, banking, and money coaching in helping clients with their tax returns and sometimes tax planning. 

If you need help with money management such as evaluating your cash flow or setting up a spending plan, why not try my money coaching service. You can choose to have a single 90-minute session, or a set of 3 half-hour sessions that will help you understand your financial situation better. I first learned about money management through Crown Financial Ministries (www.Crown.org). Using my knowledge gained from my own life's experiences and research from various sources, I am committed to help others to be literate about their personal financial matters, to reduce their money-related stress, and to achieve their financial goals. 

I am happy to let you know that I finished Core Training at Kingdom Advisor (https://kingdomadvisors.com/) and recently, Cross Border Taxation with the Knowledge Bureau. Other Knowledge Bureau courses I have taken are Bookkeeping and Payroll. The Kingdom Advisor training helps me encourage individuals to give and to understand that we are merely managers of what God has entrusted us.

I have an M.B.A. degree from Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology in addition to a Master's and a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from University of California Los Angeles. My paid and volunteering experiences in a few countries include teaching, business, and engineering. 

You can find me at LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow me for monthly tax and money tips, You can also send me an email with subject "Subscribe" if you would like the tips to be delivered to your email inbox.

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